Support for Downsizing a Church

When asked why GracePoint doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter or other social media to communicate our message (The Grace Perspective), I explain that it is not intended for an open forum, that we communicate it through personal emails only to those who request it. All of which makes for a small audience.

When asked why I don’t write a book, I explain that more books don’t need to be written to interfere or conflict with the time needed to read a Book which has already been written that surpasses all others.

When ask why I don’t pastor a traditional church (GracePoint is a grace renewal “come and receive” church, not a performance-driven “go and give” church), I explain that traditional churches often exist to
  • provide support and opportunity for guilt and ego driven service in the community to help circumvent the outcome of poor choices,
  • teach what they think the Bible says, and
  • raise money in order to
    • build buildings and programs,
    • increase attendance, and
    • pay salaries. 
Jokingly I say sometimes that I might consider a traditional church that wants to downsize (maybe to meet in the broom closet). That’s because the ministry support I give (for learning how to read the Scripture in order to hear God in order to experience Christ to a fuller measure each day in order to manifest his Likeness in the world beginning at home) is not a popular or welcomed message. It resulted in the crucifixion of Christ, the martyrdom of his disciples, and the persecution of the First Century Church.

Members would leave the church in droves, especially if they are addicted to
  • entertainment music,
  • codependent relationships called fellowship (but not the koinonia of Scripture),
  • whooptalyptics preaching or either profound sounding intellectualizing to learn what the Bible says (not the same as understanding what it means), and especially
  • feel-good, ego, and guilt motivated programs to superficially relieve the pain of the needy. 
DonLoy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective/Journey Notes 16J09